Art Museum Consultancy

Our Art Museum Consultancy services provide expert advice and support to art museums and cultural institutions worldwide. We work closely with curators to develop the exhibition concept. We also offer assistance with collection management, including acquisitions, deaccessioning, and loans.

Private Art Collection Advice

Our International Art Advisory Services provide guidance and support to private art collectors and investors worldwide. Whether you are seeking to build a collection, or looking to sell a work of art, we provide expert advice on the current art market, help you navigate complex legal, financial and import and export issues, and provide valuable insights into emerging artists and trends. We source unique works for you, not available on the market. Known for our special care, our attention is also known as ‘white glove service’.   

Provenance & Authentication Research

Our Provenance & Authentication Research services offer ground breaking and comprehensive research into the history of a work of art, its origin, ownership, and authenticity. We give an unsigned work an identity, in other words, we give value to undiscovered works. We provide detailed reports on the provenance and authorship, and therefore we offer invaluable insights into the historical and cultural significance of a particular work.


Our Curatorship services provide expert guidance on the choice of the exhibition topic. The design and ancillary tasks are also taken care of. We can help you create an engaging and meaningful exhibition that will appeal to the audience you select, and offer advice on selecting works of art, and developing educational programs to complement the exhibition. Our team has extensive experience working with a wide range of institutions, from smaller private art collections to large museums, and provides tailor made solutions.