The Barcelona born and bred painter Jordi Rollán knew from a very young age his drive was to draw, paint and create. The impulse was too strong to ignore and thus his parents allowed him to attend classes at the most prestigious art school in Spain at the time, the Escuela de Artes y Oficios Artísticos La Llotja in Barcelona while also attending classes at the highly renowned Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc. He wanted more and his talent was apparent which took him to complete studies at the famous Real Círculo Artístico of Barcelona, where he has been a member for just over 50 years now.

When a scholarship was granted to him by Board of Real Círculo Artístico of Barcelona to travel to France, Holland, Italy and Belgium, his life truly changed. Being and interacting with other artists, exchanging ideas and theories, trying out each other’s techniques was the life style confirming his deep longing for evoking his ideas.

In 1966 he celebrated his first of many more to follow solo-exhibitions in Barcelona and soon after showed at national and international art galleries.

His fame never overrode his thirst for creating from real life images he considered his inspiration: family and women as starting point and continuous references in life. He builds upon concepts of peace, harmony, balance and despite today’s world’s harshness, he is inspired by positive people’s attitudes. Evoking elegantly posed groups, mother and child, or single models, in the Greco Roman manner, signifying the genesis of life. Harlequins or more onerous Mediterranean settings, even flower still lifes are all equally soothing to the eye and mind. His poetic compositions are free and so full of colour that his paintings obtain life, all by themselves.

Years later, once he even dreamt he had invented a colour!