Christina de Vreeze-Cabrera read BA History of Art with Honours and earned her MA Museum Studies both at University of Leicester, Great Britain, after which she established CVC Fine Art operating from Barcelona reaching out to museum, cultural and art projects globally. Currently she pursues a Ph.D. In Humanities and Technology whilst continuing professional projects.

CVC Fine Art, a boutique consultancy and advisory firm that focuses on three main areas:

Museum and Cultural Heritage Consultancy
Art Collection Management
Site Specific Art Exhibitions

As consultant to museums and cultural heritage institutions in Europe, being appointed by art collectors to manage their collections and organizing site specific art exhibitions compose the mix of CVC Fine Art’s consultancy and advisory services. For more than two decades, the firm has played an integral role in the public, private, corporate and the museum (NPO) sphere.

To deepen and update her knowledge she has furthered her training through attendance at major conferences, courses, symposia, leadership institutes and seminars. Her achievements also include transmitting this cognizance and the writing of duly researched  reports. 


















As Museum Consultant CVC has been instrumental in building new institutions and as consultant in a period of organisational transition and planning processes, which include digitally linked strategic plans, management plans, staffing plans, governance plans, digital marketing campaigns, visitor -digital- experience development, to name but a few.

Summary Activities
International Art Collections & Museums Services
Art Curation
Cultural Project Management
Digital Museum Technology Expert